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    Few incidents that happen quickly can have as profound an impact on a person’s life as a car crash. A single second could inflict severe physical injuries, reduce a person’s quality of life, and permanently impact their finances. Thankfully, if a plaintiff is able to prove that an accident was another driver’s fault, they have the right to demand payments for all those losses. However, proving these cases is never simple, and a defendant’s insurance company may try to shift blame onto a plaintiff or avoid liability altogether.

    After a crash, a Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer could help you secure the compensation you need. A seasoned Deerfield Beach personal injury attorney like David Fuchs could work to explain your rights, perform a thorough investigation concerning the collision, and take an accurate measurement of your damages to demand proper payments.

    Proving Fault for a Car Wreck

    Every driver is responsible for keeping others safe when they get behind the wheel. People must follow the rules of the road to minimize the chances of a collision. Sadly, many people do not take this responsibility seriously, and car crashes remain a leading cause of severe injuries.

    To collect compensation for a car accident, a plaintiff needs to demonstrate that the crash was caused by a defendant or third-party. The most common way to prove fault is to demonstrate that a defendant was negligent. This means evaluating the actions of another driver to determine if they failed in their duty to keep a plaintiff safe.

    Similarly, courts in the state will examine the actions of all parties involved in the car collision to assign blame. According to Florida Statute § 768.81, if a jury believes that a plaintiff carried a portion of responsibility for a crash, that jury must reduce financial compensation by that portion of fault. Allegations of sharing blame for a car wreck can be frustrating, but an aggressive attorney in Deerfield Beach like David Fuchs can help a plaintiff demonstrate that a negligent defendant is responsible.

    Calculating the Impact of a Car Collision

    All car wreck cases center around pursuing financial compensation for injuries and losses. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of filing a claim involves determining how an accident has impacted one’s life.

    Injuries associated with a vehicle crash include broken bones, burns, separated joints, severe cuts, and traumatic brain injuries. During their case process, a plaintiff could use evidence like medical bills to prove that these injuries are connected to the car wreck in question.

    Once a plaintiff establishes their physical injuries, they can demand payments for setbacks like:

    • Lost wages due to missing work
    • Reduced quality of daily life
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional traumas, such as PTSD
    • Permanent disability

    If a claimant needs help proving the extent of their losses and collecting compensation for their car accident, a dedicated Deerfield Beach Lawyer like David Fuchs could be the ideal ally. He can help gather important evidence and negotiate with stubborn insurance providers.

    Let a Deerfield Beach Car Accident Attorney Help

    Every person who suffers injuries because of the poor decisions of others deserves compensation for their losses, especially when these injuries were caused by negligence. Thankfully, if a careless or reckless driver causes a preventable crash, they can likely be held accountable through a civil claim.

    A Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer could take the lead in pursuing these claims. David I. Fuchs could gather evidence from a crash scene and use that evidence to build a strong claim for compensation. Additionally, our legal team can help counter allegations of comparative negligence and keep a case on track. Contact a lawyer today for help with your claim.

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