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    State law requires all motorists to yield to pedestrians crossing the street in a crosswalk. Sadly, drivers often ignore this law. This is only one example of reckless driving that could lead to a pedestrian accident. A car jumping a curb, another vehicle pushing a car off the road, or someone jaywalking could all lead to serious injuries.

    Every case is unique, but all pedestrian accident claims have some important elements in common. If you were involved in a crash and wish to pursue financial compensation, a Deerfield Beach pedestrian accident lawyer could help you understand your rights and options. Call a Deerfield Beach personal injury attorney like David Fuchs if you need representation.

    How Does the Law Handle Pedestrian Accidents?

    Most collisions between pedestrians and vehicles are accidental. However, even accidental carelessness or recklessness opens a driver up to liability. For instance, all drivers owe a duty of care to everyone they encounter behind the wheel. This extends to pedestrians. When drivers violate this duty of care and hit someone on foot, they are legally liable for the resulting damages.

    The best way to demonstrate a breach of a duty of care is for an injured pedestrian to prove that a driver violated a law at the time of the collision. Determining this responsibility is already a challenge, but it is key to remember that pedestrian accident claims are often subject to time limits. For instance, Florida Statute § 95.11 gives most people only four years from the date of an injury to demand compensation for their losses. A pedestrian crash attorney in Deerfield Beach could help a plaintiff adhere to this deadline and preserve their right to collect monetary damages.

    What Types of Injuries Could Happen in Pedestrian Collisions?

    Any car wreck is a serious matter. When one person is not protected by a car, their potential for injury is much greater. Even the slightest contact is enough to push a pedestrian to the ground. At higher speeds, a pedestrian may be run over or thrown into the air. Someone on foot could experience many different injuries, including:

    • Broken bones
    • Dislocated joints
    • Concussions
    • Spinal cord damage
    • Amputations
    • Brain trauma

    While these physical injuries all deserve medical attention and financial compensation, plaintiffs should remember that they can often collect damages for the emotional trauma associated with a pedestrian crash. For instance, injured people may require months of painful rehabilitation that places great strain on their mental health. On top of this, they may miss time at work or be unable to return to work at all. A skilled lawyer in Deerfield Beach understands the profound impact that pedestrian accidents have and could work to earn maximum compensation for an individual.

    Reach Out to a Deerfield Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney Now

    Pedestrian accidents typically result in severe injuries. The impact of a collision could have deep physical and mental ramifications for a victim. If you were hit by a negligent driver while walking carefully, you deserve the compensation you need to fully recover.

    A Deerfield Beach pedestrian accident lawyer works to thoroughly investigate every claim and boost your chances of a positive case outcome. Do not delay filing a claim – call our office today to get started on your case.

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