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    Being involved in any crash is devastating. However, the situation can become dire when a collision involves a bus. Although accidents between small cars can cause severe injuries, crashes with a bus will likely total a car and permanently injure passengers. Not only are bus drivers responsible for protecting other motorists, but they are also required to care for the well-being of their passengers.

    If you have been injured in a bus crash, contact a Plantation, FL personal injury lawyer like David Fuchs today. An attorney can fight to obtain maximum compensation and protect your rights against aggressive insurance companies.

    Bus Accident Laws in Plantation

    A basic legal standard that governs the actions of all drivers is “negligence,” which allows people who have suffered injuries in accidents to collect compensation from the responsible party. The reckless party in bus accident cases could be the driver, the company they work for, or even a local government.

    Demonstrating negligence in a civil claim involves proving several key concepts. For example, an injured victim must show that a bus driver acted in a way that directly led to an accident. Proof of negligence could include evidence that a bus operator violated driving laws, such as not following the speed limit. Anyone seeking compensation after a crash must also be able to connect their losses to the event by providing medical bills, lost wages, and verifying emotional traumas.

    However, even if a person can satisfy each of these elements, a plaintiff may still lose their case if they cannot meet the statute of limitations – a time limit that the law imposes on all civil cases. If this deadline passes, the court will dismiss the plaintiff’s claim with a few rare exceptions. According to Florida Statute § 95.11, plaintiffs have four years from the date of the accident to begin filing a case in court. David Fuchs, a dedicated attorney in Plantation, could ensure that a bus crash victim submits proper documentation for a claim within the required time frame.

    Can Multiple Defendants Share Responsibility for a Bus Crash?

    A bus driver is responsible for the result of their actions. However, a comprehensive case must determine if other defendants share blame for a collision. For example, the driver’s employer, who owns the vehicle, may share responsibility for a wreck.

    The legal concept called respondeat superior states that an employer is jointly liable for the negligent actions of their workers while those employees are on the job. As a result, a private bus company shares fault for collisions that affect passengers and other victims.

    The same concept also applies when a bus is government property. However, in these cases, the time limit to demand compensation and the legal processes may differ from a standard personal injury claim. With the help of a seasoned lawyer in Plantation, a claimant could demand payment from all appropriate defendants following a collision with a common carrier.

    Reach Out to a Plantation Bus Accident Attorney Today

    Being involved in a bus accident can change your life or involve extensive medical treatment, lost income, and long-lasting injuries. The insurance companies that handle bus crash claims often try to minimize your injuries and damages. Instead, let us handle the insurance company so that you can focus on getting your life back to normal.

    Whether your claim is against a private company or a city bus, an attorney could identify all possible defendants and initiate a claim for fair compensation. There is a time limit to file a case, so contact a Plantation bus accident lawyer today.

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